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Back From Bridge City & Heavens To Murgatroid


We finally received label approval for Back From Bridge City and Heavens To Murgatroid….

Back From Bridge City is a White IPA brewed with tons of Grapefruit Zest & Juice as well as Coriander.  This beer is in celebration of our collaboration we did last year with Widmer following our Brewbound “Start Up Brewery Challenge” win.  It is 6.3% abv and 60 IBU that has tons of late hop additions of Sterling, Santiam and Amarillo and then dry hopped with the same 3 as well as more zest.  The thought behind this beer when we brewed it in Oregon was bringing something from Texas that would serve as a fresh fruit addition.  Due to the time of year we thought Texas Grapefruit made sense.  Widmer did not intend on bottling the collaboration but we wanted to release a 5 Stones version of the beer so we came up with the counterpart to “Up From San Antone”.  We named it “Back From Bridge City” after one of Portland’s nicknames.  There are a couple of differences between the two beers, namely the yeast strains and the bittering hop addition.  Nevertheless we are happy with the results and were thankful to make the trip and now thankful that “Back From Bridge City” will become one of our many seasonal releases.

Heavens To Murgatroid is an American Wheat Ale handcrafted with Texas Prickly Pear Tuna harvested by our team around the Cibolo and Schertz area.  It has been an open house favorite the last year so we are looking forward to finally releasing it in bottles.  In the “keg” version of this beer, the color is a bright pink almost fuchsia but in the bottle we lost some of that really bright pink color and now appears to have more of a pink hue to it rather than the fuchsia color.  We are happy with the overall flavor profile of the beer as there is no denying the flavors and aromas the Prickly Pear Tuna add to the beer.   We have additional plans for this recipe but you will have to stay tuned to find out what the plan is.  All we can say is we are excited to brew it again next season when we harvest more Prickly Pear Tuna!



We are excited to announce our release of  “Reserva Piña”!  Our expected release week will be 1/5/2015 pending final label approval.  Open house attendees will remember this from the name “Aloha Piña con Tequila”.  We renamed it Reserva Piña so there would not be any confusion on the shelf.  We took Aloha Piña and conditioned it for 45 days on Oak Chips soaked in Tequila.  The end result is a smooth balance of Pineapple, Tequila and Oak finishing with a tingle from the Roasted Jalapeños.  As we move into 2015, expect more experimentation and barrel aging using our standard releases as the base.  We will continue releasing new seasonals in 2015 but are excited to move into the next chapter of creativity.  Please stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks and months!

Heaven’s To Murgatroid

We have been keeping our eye on our local cactus this summer.  This weekend we went out in search for the perfect Prickly Pear Tuna to brew our Heaven’s to Murgatroid!  We spent a couple hours walking nature and carefully extracting this wonderful fruit.  It has been one of our most popular beers at our open houses and we look forward to releasing it this year.  We have label approval for keg and cask but do not have any artwork for bottle labels as of yet.  Our goal will be to brew within the next week or so and anticipating the release coming in October.  Check out the pics to get an idea of what is coming!



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